Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Needles.  Don't like needles.  And I know I used to be a nurse handling all sorts of sharps but for some odd reason, I can't bear the thought of them now. Here's the story, I was recently diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago and the meds given to me to help with the syndrome was not effective.  I didn't feel 'balanced' and the side effects were horrible.  So, I thought to myself, what would be the next best thing besides trying pharmaceutical drugs?  Did a little googling on the net and read how acupuncture could help remedy or alleviate the syndromes.  So, off I went to find me a qualified acupunturist in Brunei.  A family relative recommended me to Dr Zhu in Grace Pearl Clinic just next to Cafe De Paris in Gadong.  

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got to the clinic.  My only thoughts were, if he can help, then I don't mind trying alternative therapy.  Dr Zhu did a general assessment and felt I was lacking 'yang' (heat).  He explained how my love of drinking cold drinks and air conditioners 24/7 did not help my condition.  So, he offered acupuncture and chinese herbs to help create more 'yang'.  I took up on his offer, after all, what did I have to lose?  And besides, as a yoga teacher, I believe in holism and I know for sure that acupuncture stimulates 'Qi' (often translated as “vital energy”, qi is the common denominator of all things) and harmonize the energy flow of the body.

What I found interesting was this:-

'Acupuncture is based on ancient Chinese philosophy that sees all sicknesses in the body in terms of an imbalance in the energetic field of the body. This energetic field has been carefully mapped by the Chinese and they have discovered over 400 points that, when stimulated, can effect systemic changes in the body. These points are stimulated by the insertion of very fine, sterile and disposable needles. A combination of these points is carefully selected by the acupuncturist to help activate the body’s innate ability to heal itself and return to a state of balance.

'Scientific research into acupuncture in the last 25 years has brought a general advance in the understanding of neurophysiologic & neuropharmacologic pain relief mechanisms as they relate to acupuncture (the endorphin theory, the gate theory, and DNIC (diffuse noxious inhibitory control) theory). Evidence indicates that acupuncture stimulates the release of brain chemicals such as endorphins that function to relieve pain. Research shows that acupuncture strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, decreases muscle tightness, and increases joint flexibility.'

To be honest, if I said acupuncture doesn't hurt, I be lying to you.  Like I said, I don't like needles, but the insertion of the 'fine' needles doesn't hurt intensely, it just feels like someone pinching you.  And no, I didn't have it all over my body.  The total count of needles I had in me was about ten.  It kinda' felt relaxing after the needles went in.  

The results I would say (over the past few weeks) is pretty good.  I feel 'better'. Then again, it's a matter of time in the next few months if the pcos I have has been alleviated.

But it's definitely worth going through the treatment.  And I would say Dr Zhu is pretty good, he's quite gentle when inserting the needles.  In any case, click here if you're interested to read more on acupuncture and moxibustion.


Anonymous said...

Mel said...I have pcos too and take metformin.I have been trying for a baby for 3 years, a year of it using fertility medication to no avail.This month, I've given up all doctor prescribed medication and rely on herbal and vitamin supplement to balance my hormones. I do feel it helps slightly. Your article interested me as I've known that acupuncture can help but have not found one in Brunei that I could trust as yet. My plans were to go to Perth where there is an acupuncturist who specialised in fertility and pcos sufferers. I might take a look at the one you mentioned.Hope that you will update us on the progress of your treatment for pcos.

Jac said...

Hi Mel

Thanks for visiting my website and telling me your side of the story. I have done a lot of research into PCOS, and it seems that generally most women with PCOS are treated with the same routine of Metformin and Clomid for first line of treatment. I think it's too generalised to categorised all women into it as I don't think it addresses the hormonal imbalances overall. If you can, grab a copy of Zita West books. She's pretty informative on fertility issues. Dr Zhu and his father have had success with women with ovarian issues. The women they have treated have been similar to our cases. But each of us is different and Dr Zhu addresses the treatment differently for me and others too. It's been hard and challenging for me to put my condition publicly on my website but if it helps others to know they are not alone, then I rather have that than hiding in a corner about it. But thanks again for your support and I do wish you all the best too. And definitely will keep you posted on how my treatment goes in the next few months.

Amatullah said...

Hi Jac,

I found your article upon google-searching acupuncturist in Brunei. I am interested to find out if there was a female acupuncturist at Grace Pearl Clinic. After more than a year of starting acupuncture, do you reckon it is a yay or nay for PCOS? Thanks Jac.