Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little dash of 'ahimsa' please!

Ahimsa means 'non violence' in sanskrit.  I like to look at it as an act of loving kindness not only to others but ourselves.  It's nice when you're able to display some kindness to someone else during the day.  It could possibly be something simple like," How's it going?"  and really mean it when you asked.  More often, I find as we become adults, we become engrossed in our own lives and 'busier'.  Everything around us becomes oblivious at times.  Perhaps we are generally to look out for ourselves to gain independence.  But maybe if we take time out to 'climb out of our heads' and look around us, you'll probably be able to use your own instinct sometimes to suss out somebody who might not be feeling themselves lately.  And all it takes is 'Hey , How are you?"  And I guess, if you can do that for somebody else, you could do the same for yourselves too.  Being able to nurture the inner self when you're feeling worn out, despair or lost.  This could just be a 'time out' like a break from everything around you.  Or what I like to call, my 'ahimsa' time.

Life is not fair.  Sometimes when you think you've already climbed over one hurdle, another situation comes along.  A feeling of desperation to have some breathing space.  Often enough, we have pushed through tougher times but with a thought that the ones we're having right now are probably harder that the ones before.  And if it is, perhaps a little part acceptance into the situation rather that resisting it, will probably give us a clearer understanding.  

Here's a little something from Daily Om which I find really helpful.

When we send healing light to ourselves, it is important that our intentions and our self-trust be stronger than ever to counteract doubt.

As we bless ourselves in this way, we serve as both an active channel and a passive destination. This should not change the way we interact with the valuable energy we wish to receive, however. Though we may be tempted to consciously direct or influence the manner in which light impacts our lives because we know ourselves most intimately, we should not try to control its path. When we draw the white light of protection and purity to our bodies, taking it into ourselves with each inhalation, our belief in the fact that it will naturally move toward areas of dysfunction will ensure that it flows through every muscle and organ. And when we fill our spaces with this light, our environments are cleared of all the negative energy that can sap our strength and our spirit. Surrounded inside and out with healing light, we feel safe and protected, healthy, relaxed, and content just as those who regularly receive such loving gifts from us do.

If you sincerely believe that there is a part of yourself that exists independently of upset and illness, the love and light you send yourself will help you connect with it. You will see the affirmative impact of this connection almost immediately when you include yourself in the recipients of your healing gifts, as life's frustrations become more tolerable and your bliss becomes ever more palpable.


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