Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yoga Conference 2009 :- Evolution

I haven't been good at blogging lately since the arrival of my nephews. Bless their little hearts. I love em' but they are such a handful, adorable but a bunch of mischiefs. I don't know how mothers stay sane when they have to look after their kids 24/7. I mean we are pretty fortunate to have housemaids here in Brunei to look after the munchkins. But for those 'round the clock' mums, a big thumbs up to you guys! I really admire the patience and love they have. I haven't got any of the little menaces yet (and yes, I do plan to) but like Peter says,'Looking at our nephews makes me feel pretty exhausted already!

I am so glad my sis had my nephews first, at least I can see the 'to do's and not to do' situation with kids.
Anyhow, just to let you guys know there's a yoga conference held in Hong Kong in June. The programmes are pretty good and the price for the passes are reasonable. So, if you're interested to know more, go to

Some of you might be thinking the conference are meant for yoga teachers or advanced practioners, it isn't. If you have a keen interest in improving your practice, or a yoga enthuasiasts, then do join.

Here's what Evolution suggest in ' Who can attend?'

With more than 100 classes of different levels and styles, Evolution allows students to choose sessions that cater to their interests and abilities.The conference is suitable for anyone striving towards a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We expect to see a diverse range of participants including:

Beginner, intermediate and advanced yoga students
Fitness instructors
General sports enthusiasts looking to gain a competitive edge through yoga
Individuals approaching yoga for the first time
Masseuses and physiotherapists
Personal trainers
Pilates teachers
Yoga studio owners and managers
Those in the wellness and holistic industries
Yoga teachers


Anonymous said...

Jac are you going?

Jac said...

Yes, have booked myself in for the four days. :0)