Monday, February 23, 2009

Temptations, Oscars, Dresses....Viola!

I love bank holidays. Especially if it's straight after the Sunday cause then, it feels like a long weekend break from all the stresses. I was happy enough to just take it easy with Peter and the family, lazing on the couch and watching movies that doesn't require a 'thinking cap'. Mum's choice was 'The Last Temptation of Christ'. Sorry guys, but Martin Scorsese must have been high on hallucigenic drugs when he made the film cause it was pretty weird. I thought I was watching another version of Alice in Wonderland. Peter just kept laughing at me everytime I whispered under my breath,"This is so freakingly weird!" I know there are controversials to the way the bible was being told but Martin Scorsese probably had too much caffeine when he made Jesus take an axe and hyped his disciples to lead a war instead of ' love thy neighbour'.

Evening came and we took Nadia to the playground. Funny isn't it when you get grown ups trying to squeeze their 'adult' body into the playtubes. Pete and I shook our heads when one teenager (who looked pretty much 16 to 18 years old) squeezed herself into the play tubes and got herself stucked in the middle of it. We could see her shadow struggling in the narrow tube as she tries to make her way forward in it. She finally retreat backwards out where she came from. I actually thought I would have to make a callout for the ambulance if she didn't.

Anyhow, night came and we watched the rerun of the Oscars. Wow! Hugh Jackman! What a voice! And Alicia Keys and Amy Adams dress, they were stunning! I wished Amy Adams won best supporting actress. I thought she played her role pretty well in Doubt. Where was Kate Capshaw? Was she not there with Spielberg at the Oscars?

I didn't know Diane Lane was married to Josh Brolin. No matter, I like Diane Lane. Loved her in 'Under the Tuscan Sun'. And did you see Queen Latifah's outfit? I always think she carries herself so well in most of her outfits. Looove her dress too.
Since I saw the rerun of the Oscars, I reckon it must have been cut short of the full version since I didn't get to see all the other celebrities in their outfits.....Did anyone else see the Oscars in full?

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