Monday, January 12, 2009

What's the plan?

I can't believe how time has flown past so quickly. Two more weeks to go till the 26th January. Here's my plan, make a move to the next studio while renovation is in progress. Closed officially on the 26th January 2009 till 15th February 2009. Reopen by the 16th February.

Till then, all our classes will remain as normal till the 26th Jan. Any leftovers lessons will be carried forward. Make a note, we will have a gathering on the 22nd January, next Thursday at 7pm. There will be a combine class Hatha 1 and Hatha 2 on same day (22/1/09) at 6pm. It'll be a nice little farewell party to the studio here in Kiulap before we make a move to the next one. All are welcome to join, just give me a text or call to let me know you are joining us for the evening. Ps Please bring a small dish or a few drinks (non alcoholic)

Even though I have had 'this' place for less than one year, I have no regrets over it. I have met so many wonderful students from different backgrounds and am so glad to be given this great opportunity to teach. Even though the circumstances have been challenging since I started the studio, I think my blessings are tenfold. And for all this, I am truly thankful. Everything changes in life, and it's a matter of being brave and saying," I accept the challenge and I will always come out of the experience a lot more wiser.

Good luck to Raquel too. She has decided to make a move on elsewhere and will not be joining us in the next studio. She too has made some changes in her plans for the future and I wish her the best in everything. The classes will resume to my previous timetable. Please recheck the timetable in the website. Every Tuesday and Thursday classes for the Ashtanga Yoga will start at 7pm instead.


raquel said...

Hi jac!
Mornin! I'm in Phils now. Juz enjoying my travel hehe and sight seeing here and there..Zero percent Yoga and aerobics, juz eat and sleep hehe. be back soon..Let u my update..Take care and juz be strong, i know ur a frighter like me:-)

Jac said...

Hi Raquel
Thanks for support. I think things will be okay. And yes, there are always windows of opportunity if you look hard enough.

Jac xxx