Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to the starting point

I signed the papers and placed the deposit only to have the landlord tell me the place isn't for rent since he's keen to use it for his own business. So, here I am back to the start, trying to find some place to move out to. I have decided to continue where I am right now. So, Seraphina will be closed on the 26th January till the 30th January. Reopen on the 31st January.

A little disheartened by the whole situation. It feels like I'm being tested to the limit and I feel like digging a hole, place my head in it and just stay there a while.

My mum has been very supportive. She has encouraged and helped me since I had the letter of notification

So, I am blessed to have a super mum like her.

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Senor Pablo said...

I can't believe reading this. Honestly.. I thought when u signed the papers, they have to honour it. I'm really sorry to read this. My only feeling is that the new place is not meant for you. I wish I can help. Me too.... don't want to lose the sanctuary!