Friday, November 14, 2008

It must be fate

It must be fate. Peter was planning to take me to the Empire Hotel two nights ago. But plan was void since I didn't finished till late 8.15pm on the Thursday and we didnt' think it would be worth the $300 night stay. I was disappointed but Peter took us to Charcoal for a nice meal.

Our plan for the Friday was just to spend the day together since it's been hectic in the last two weeks for us. Thinking it was going to be a nice relaxing day, my mum knocked on my door (yes, long story, we live as one big happy family in one house...... :0) ) and told me dad was unwell. I didn't have time to even brush my teeth. Yes, lucky me, I had peppermint sweets in my handbag. Took dad to Gleneagles and good ol' Dr Patrick said it was a false alarm. I was so relief. I wasn't prepared to have dad being in hospital again. It was strange to be back in the hospital but I didn't felt I missed anything. Perhaps reminiscing the friends I used to work with. Yeoh, if you are reading this, please be sure to tell Eileen we made the right moves.

Then thinking I was going to have a peaceful lunch, I had more errands to run through. I think I would have burned more than 250 calories running like a lost chicken.

The afternoon went on okay, and Peter decided to take us out to Country Patch after the ordeal of the day I had. I have never been there and am impressed with the setting. Very 'Nosebag' restaurant Oxford like setting. I ordered Ice Cuppuccino (ya, after the day I had, I didn't think twice about the sugars) and Salmon Pasta. Just when I was digging into my food, my handphone rang. It was my sis from UK telling me my mum was taken ill and my dad was on his way to hospital. Okay, you may think me heartless, but I was super hungry and stressed after the call, I shuffed and scoffed 5 scoopfuls of the pasta into my mouth and scurried quickly to my car to meet my parents in A & E.

Mum looked pale and completely 'off'. She felt nauseas with pressure at the back of her left eye. When the nurse took her vital signs, I was already diagnosing my own mum. Mum has been anxious in the last two weeks and the event of the day just set her off. So my guess was anxiety and not having enough rest. Waited in A & E for nearly 2 hours, and then was seen by the doctor. Yes, he too diagnose the same and told my mum to take it easy.

FATE, I didn't go to the Empire Hotel as I won't even have stayed there longer than 9hours. FATE, I used to be a nurse so I didn't feel too panicky about my parents situation (I could be a hysterial woman screaming at nurses and doctors for my mum to be seen first within 5 minutes) . FATE, I married a wonderful husband who understands and supports me . FATE, glad I had a quick dinner before the two hours wait. Hospital food not my 'cup of tea'. FATE, I am a yoga teacher now, all the deep breathing Ujyai breaths really helped big time.


30 something yogini said...

and fate - i thought i saw you on the tungku highway yesterday morning around 11 :) I was from the Docs. You drive so fast i thought you were late for something!

take it easy and hope your loved ones get well soon.

Jac said...

Ya, was worried about my dad's condition. 'Touch Wood' he's fine. I think I'll treat myself to a nice massage to relax. Thanks Nora.

neo said...

whatever we are going through in our little life world, is a mirror of ourselves.

some call it fate, others call it karmic consequences, etc. using this mirror, we can then help ourselves to understand why we are in our current states, and not make ourselves being led by our greed and hatred.

Frances said...

Yes, v important to stay calm during times as such esp when it involves loved ones. Hope everything is ok now, take care ya!