Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hitting 30's and making a resolution

Birthdays are usually not a big deal in my family. I always think age is just a number, and Peter still says I'm a child at heart. Ya. I can be when I'm around friends I'm comfortable with. Anyhow, point is, my birthday is just around the corner, and lately, I have been thinking........why do I put on weight more easily no matter how much I cut down on my cakes and biscuits? When I used to be a nurse, I always told my patients enthuastically , eat more vegetables, eat more fruits, go exercise, lose weight,...etc. The look they gave me was 'I'm ready to kill this psycho nurse'.

I have put on a bit of weight around my waist, hips and thighs. No matter how slim you are, you will always notice this small changes. Peter says I'm vain. If I am, then the whole entire world would be too. There isn't a person out there I don't know that isn't uncomfortable with certain parts of their body. Think is, I don't take it too far with being too overly body conscious. But what bothers me is the slow metabolism that's heading in my direction and that's a real bugger!

I used to be able to eat piles of food and still not put on much weight. Now, it's like I have to pay back big time if I slip one cupcake into my lunch box. Bummer!

Sooo, I have been rethinking what I could do to boost up my metabolism......rethink what I used to do back in my 20's. Voila! !!!! DANCE DANCE DANCE.........so, am really blessed Raquel is around with the latino aero dance. I don't like jumping around alot but the latino dance is a nice moderate/fast pace. Just imagine walking down the street while dancing. That's how it feels like doing Raquel's workout. Gees, I hope I have done her justice trying to explain what latin aero is.
And I think the weight is slowly shifting . It's not easy to lose weight in Brunei since the food choices are more restricted to heavy meals like rice and noodles with lots of meat. Plus, we don't walk around in Brunei as much. I felt it was much easier losing weight in UK since I walked tons from the house to the town center. There were more variety of wholesome sandwiches and salads to choose in coffee shops and restaurants as well.

So, even if I'm doing yoga, I realise the rest of the days consist a lot of eating, laptop work and napping. Plus, it's a hot country and I'm not drinking enough to flush out my system.

Weight is always an issue, otherwise it won't be a health problem if it wasn't. I don't think you have to be stick thin to be pretty. The hollywood starlets all look gaunt, drained and starved. I think being atheletic looking is the best way to maintain a healthy body. A nice curve to a woman's body looks more appealing. Plus, you survive much better with more meat if you were in a prison camp or war.

So, before the start of next year, I'm already making my resolutions, and one of them is be more active and to keep my butt off the chair.


Neo said...

Hmm... how many times would you bite your food before swallowing?

My personal experience, if more bites given to the prelim digestion of the food we put into our mouth, less will stay around the waist.

Tame the hypotalamus, less secretion of salivary and hydrocolic juices, tricking us to feel "hungry"...

Jac said...

Ya, makes sense. Will try chewing my food slowly. I think bad habit since my mum used to make me eat my food super fast when I was little. She was always in a hurry to get us to our classes on time. .......