Friday, August 22, 2008

Surya Yoga At Sea

Surya Yoga At Sea
Borneo Island

21st September 2008

Feeling weary and tired? Need a short break? Come join us for a day at the beach. Practice Hatha Vinyasa Flow in a calm and serene manner with mother nature. Breathe in fresh air and step your movements on soft sands.

Take this opportunity to know other yogi's and yogini's. Have a picnic with us after the yoga session. Each yogi and yogini will be asked to bring a wholesome and healthy 'dish'.

Fun and games included. So, don't miss out Surya Yoga at Sea. Book your place early to avoid disappoinment.

For more enquiries, call Jac at 00 673 8133860

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Ching said...

I love the thought of a yoga session by the beach. How soothing to one's mind and soul. Inspired!