Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh Phweeez, let me through.........

*Pic from Vince Crain Octane Art*

Okay, if I catch his eyes, he might just let me pass. *#%!! 'Kay, no probs. Maybe next car will give way. Come on...look over here.' Ah huh, she's looking over here and yup, yup, I think I can go........ *#%!!!

Trying to join a traffic to go somewhere is a nightmare. I have learnt to drive like a crazy female when attempting to either cut lane or being partially blind when edging my car in between two others to join the traffic queque. Actually, I do become selectively blind when cutting others on the road. I can manage to see at the far 'corner' of my biddy eyes, a fist from another car wavering at me but I pretend I have only one eyed vision for the road ahead.

It's a real nightmare just driving in Brunei. Parking spaces are limited, so risk it being scratched or towed away (if that did ever take place at all in Brunei) or being fined for leaving it in the middle of nowhere.

What about 5 parking spaces available just a block away and me insisting on Pete to squeeze a 'mission impossible' parking space close to the supermarket entrance. "Why don't I just drive thru' the shop? Will that be easier for you?" says the man. " Can you? Shampoo section please. Need the 2 in 1 Loreal conditioner. Tha!"

We complain we don't ever walk enough, but bruneians will drive round a building 10 times to get as close to the front door, even if there are car park spaces just 20 feet away.

'You think if I pout my lips and blink my eyelids, he let me thru'?'.....'You look like Nemo the fish.'says my friend.......Sigh

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