Friday, August 8, 2008

Bought & Forgotten

Have you bought clothes you imagine yourself wearing for a certain occasion? And that certain occasion would be that ‘ maybe’ or ‘ just in case’ days? I am that person, buying clothes for occasions I imagine in my head, thinking it will happen sometime soon. Could be a nice top for a dinner party or a dress for a formal dinner. Problem is, I don’t attend that many party dinners to begin with. So, over the last few years or more, I have collected a wardrobe of clothes either once worn or just kept for the sake of it.

Some of it would be clothes I use to fit in and now has shrunk. Okay, stop laughing! I do think the water in Brunei shrink clothes. So, I had it in my head that I will try shrink to get back into those impossible waist 26” skirts!

It just occurred to me I have no use for any of the clothes other than looking at them. I mean, yes, even though I may be dreamy about fitting back into my wedding dress again, I am realistic that my body changes with each year passing by. Must be that birthday feeling arising again. I am okay with just letting go of clothes I hardly wore and giving it away to friends. Hopefully, they will wear it more than I ever did.

It feels good to see spaces in my wardrobe now and being able to just choose out of just a few instead of a hundred. It sounds zen doesn’t it?

Here's a few tips on decluttering your wardrobe....

1)If there's a particular item has not been used or worn in the past year, well, what are you waiting for? Give it to somebody else who might want it. Don't go tearing it up to shreds as a 'tampoh' or ' wet cloth' for your dinner table!

2)If you have worn it only once and it's gone out of fashion, again, what are you waiting for? Give, give, give to your 'pingyou' or your dearest friends! Pass it on.

3)K, next...don't go buying clothes that looks so similar to all your other tops. Then you'll have a tendency to stand in front of your wardrobe for 2 hours deciding which color you like for the day. Next time you buy clothes, just buy one unique item you like.

4) Don't start wearing your nice 'froo froo' dress at home just because you can't let go of it. Reasons for not letting go of that party dress..erm, let me it the first dress your husband said you look great in? If he doesn't remember you in it or the Brunei water has shrink it..........PASS IT ON

Right, time for me to go home and revisit that wardrobe of mine.........

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