Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

Sat and watched the recorded tape of Beijing Olympics 2008 with my family and all I can say is ..........Wow! Very impressive. It truly was amazing. Would have loved to be in the crowd to see it live. Everything in it was detailed down to their hairstlyes. How long would it have taken them to prepare? The dances were schronised, the movements were cheographed well and the drums in the music background were fantastic.

I think the final part where the athelete ran along side the walls to light up the olympic torch was a brilliant idea.

So many themes well displayed and expressed through the dancers and the paintings. I like the part where they displayed different faces of children. The significance of the universe, the different cultures to pass on, and to build a better future for the children of the world.

All in all, they have really done a good job for the official opening .....Bravo!

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