Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything Is On Its Way

I feel like the past two weeks has breeze past me quicker than my sneeze.   I thought how super to have the month off and get the studio done at my own pace.  Nope, instead, I feel like I have been on a threadmill that has no stop button.  Had been up and down from Kiulap to Muara and back again to Batu Bersurat just to get various things done.  From finding the most trivial things like a toilet loo roll holder to finding the right mirror for the wash room.  Maybe I'm just too fussy on what goes where.  Why oh why is there no 'B & Q's here in Brunei ? We have new shophouses sprouting out every few to six months and yet it takes ten car journeys just to find the perfect loo roll holder.  Hmmm, maybe I am fussy. 

And just when I got the ball rolling for the studio renovation, one of my contractors decided to bail on me last minute.  ..............(you see these blank dots........I felt like my brain went into dot mode ....just not thinking but just dotting).  Perhaps my fault too, I got this contractor that spoke no english, only mandarin and we verbalised everything in malay.

Lesson One for Jac (and perhaps a few of you out there) : Do get a contractor that knows how to communicate and perhaps even speak the same language.  And yes, I do feel like Homer Simpson right this moment.

Well, at least in between all these busy moments, I got to catch up with a few good friends I haven't seen in a while.  It was nice.  Nothing says it better than a nice cup of chai latte.  And I managed to dropped into Angie's (Ref Station) and got myself two new tops.  She still has lovely yoga tops and glad to hear she'll be bringing some more easyoga apparels next week. 

So, be sure to drop in at Ref Station in Kiulap and have a browse at the stuffs Angie's brought in.  And I can't wait till the studio is finished.  It'll all be worth the sweat and tears.....especially with the quest for the perfect loo roll holder.   ;D

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