Friday, March 25, 2011

Life's Choices

I got up this morning and felt renewed in myself.  Things haven't been what I expected it to be lately and it was disappointing most of all to know I couldn't control any part of it.  The days past as if I had nothing to look forward to and as if someone came in the night and stole away my dreams....not knowing if I was able to take back what I wanted.  I felt time ran out on me and having that feeling made me breathless.  It didn't matter what anyone said, they weren't words that could helped me.  Maybe on my part, I chose not to.  But something in me wanted to find my own way out so I can believe again.

I read books after books, trying to make sense out of everything.  I even read The Secret, even when I knew what it was all about years ago already.  But they weren't words of comfort when you're in depths of despair.  I turned to the bible, it had stories of miracles and God's love and mercy for us.  To be honest, when you hear the words that repeats too many times, it feels like any ordinary day to hear it.  I wanted more inspiring words.

Then I read these words," I am a piece of God, a Divine individualized expression of God.  I am worthy and deserving of all that God is and all that flows into my life.  The abundance I desire is on its way and I will do everything I can to avoid blocking and resisting this Divinely Inspired Flow" (Wayne Dyer). It was a breath of fresh air, and it touched my heart to know I'm part of something bigger than myself.  That nothing I do is marked as failed, I can only produce results. 

But even knowing that everything happens as it is supposed to, that there are no accidents, and that we are precisely where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to do.  Knowing that nothing is random, and that all of life is purposeful.  To forgive is a discipline of self-love. And that I run my own life at my own pace on the path I've chosen, and I shouldn't expect anyone else to be where I am.  This is the essense of detachment.

Dwayne Dyer wrote," I choose to believe that series of events like these are part of this universal principle called synchronicity.  A collaboration with fate, in which each of us makes choices within a larger context in which it is all perfect. ..... Synchronicity is the basis for allowing these forces to meet and work for us in our life, but we must say "yes" to life.  One "No" response anywhere walong the path stops the flow of energy.  Every single positive response in life allows the next one to flow, not as a cause and effect, but as a continuation of the energy that is in each of us and everything else in the universe....."


Ching said...

Most things, comments, advice seem trite and unhelpful in the midst of pain and suffering.

Know that we understand that and wish we could change things, make them better. That is the nature of love. And God holds us in the palm of his hands.

Our love always

Jac said...

God definitely has plans lovingly crafted for each of us. And faith is what we need to believe in.

Thanks Sis

Anonymous said...

Recently been reading a book about an old man facing slow death due to some physical disease and how he constantly detach himself from the pain to live his last few moments with meaning. It's a real life story "Tuesday with Morrie" and thought it might be of interest for you ;)