Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cute Yoga Tops From Ref Station, Kiulap

I heard Ref Station had a new collection of easyoga clothes on the rack today, so yup....I went to check it out.  And I wasn't disappointed at all, lovely Angie was there to show me all the new tops and pants. You could check her yoga apparels in Kiulap, just opposite Petlink and close to Sweet Deli Bakery.  I'm glad she's able to stock the yoga apparels for us, at least it saves us the online hassles and trying on the clothes is way better than just taking a guess at your size.  Lucky for me, Angie had the 'L' size.  Yup, yup, I like mine spacey.  
I reckon most of the yoga tops Angie has are the collection from the Bertii Series, and they fit like a glove....very comfy too! So, do check it out.  It's worth a trip to see her new collection of yoga mats too.

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