Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Then Again, Who's Counting?

Have been living breathing eating 'yoga' in and out this past two weeks and maybe just a little much to take in all at once.  But it's all good! Peter got me Maya Fiennes CD and (woo hoo!) at last ...I can just chill out to the soothing sounds of  'Ra Ma Da Sa'.   Candy me to check out Yoga Anonymous, and Brock Cahill has crazy moves in his 'Flight' vinyasa. I reckon they would have burned at least 1000 plus calories or more in one hour alone.  Talking about calories, I had a close friend joining my classs yesterday afternoon, and she had a calorie counter watch on, (just out of curiosity )....guess the end of the class, we actually burned 450 calories.  Awesome! I never knew it was that much, figured we could have done 200 plus but 450?!!!! (woo hoo!)  (pps...this was an intermediate/advanced session )

By the by, have you seen this video of Yogi Cameron from Ellen DeGeneres TV show?  Pretty interesting on how this yogi can tell what your imbalances on your body are just by looking at the tongue.  Plus, you can visit his website and take the Ayurveda test just to find out what hormonal imbalances are based on doshas and gunas.  It's embarassing when I took my test,  and nopeedoo, ain't telling you what was my dosha/gunas.....aiyaiyai!  More detox Jac, detox!!!!!! 

'Quote from Ellen DeGeneres on right versus left body non-symmetry “One side could be Cirque du Soliel and the other side could be a 52 year old woman.” Sister, don’t we know it! '

By the by, this is taken from Yogi Cameron website on Ayurveda- Science of Life

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine in use today. It is over 5000 years old.

It says:
All disease has a cause root where it starts out from. Disease first starts as a mental thought. Disease will continue to become physical if thought pattern is not changed. Any disease can be cured as long as the cause root is treated.
  • There is no name for any disease as disease is ever evolving into other forms.
  • Most diseases are first psychologically created then move to spread in the body.
  • An ayurvedic doctor examines with his eyes and touch.
  • All our inner life is written on our outer canvas.
Elements in balance = health
One element more dominate = imbalance, start of illness
Ayurveda treats people as individuals.
Firey energetic people have too much pitta.
Earthy people are heavy and lazy in mind and body.
Airy people move about a lot and find it hard to stay in one place.
As our mood changes so do the elements.
Elements move up or down depending on our lifestyle.
Our environment, job, family life, thoughts, etc. determines which
elements dominate us more.

The 5 elements
Water . space . earth  . Air . fire
Doshas  . Body
pitta . fire
Kapha . earth
Vata . air
Gunas . Mind
Sattva . balance
Rajas . over stimulated
Tamas . lazy

By the by again guys, if you would like to take a test on what the Ayurveda Element Quiz, pay a visit to Ayurveda Test

Good Luck Amigos and Amigas!


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