Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Roll Out Your Yoga Mat's not a sport or exercise that competes or compares.  And if it is, it should be with the best of intentions.  It attracts people of different ages to try this ancient system of body toning and mind balancing.  And does it work?  It could have worked for some individuals or perhaps not for all.  It even depends on what yoga means to you or me.  Some would see it as a new fashion 'fad' to exercise or wear 'cool' yoga clothes.  Some would do it to lose weight, and just that only.  Or perhaps it gives them a thrilling or heighten sense of acheivement when performing some of the utmost challenging asanas.  Others may seek it for relaxation and to regain a sense of peacefulness ...away from their busy schdules or daily stresses.  Perhaps it's also another way of meeting new friends, perhaps the yoga teacher is truly a hunky stud Brad Pitt lookalike (hell, I be in the class too! .........) or for some, it's a way of life. 

Losing weight....hmmm, I would imagine you would have to practice a dynamic form of yoga (frequently in a week) especially if you're a big eater to lose weight.  And the way we eat in Brunei, means a marathon run on alternate days would suffice to help us maintain our size 8 or 12 body shape.  Let's face it, we can jog, cycle, swim and dance to maintain our physique.  But there's only a far in a few of us that can keep up with the strenous exercise till we age in our sixties.  And perhaps yoga doesn't slim us the way we 'want' it to.  We can't always have 'everything'.  But the beauty of yoga is it heightens our awareness to the things that consumes our thoughts that's unnecessary.  Not to say we shouldn't exercise, by all means do, but everything in moderation.  Our physique shouldn't be something that haunt us on a daily basis, to feel that our need to look 'good' is priortised above everything else.

And really, if you're a regular practitioner, you will soon realise it's the breath and the silence that brings calmness and serenity to the pose.  If you're practicing yoga, don't do it with high expectations, but be inspired to do it so it helps you find your 'dharma'.

The physical side of yoga asanas takes years to practice, it's not an exercise that's easy to master.  Not unless you practice on a daily basis.  It's like an art form a song or a dance.  The time taken to practice may be quite a 'put off ' for some, ...and I don't blame some for seeing it that way.  We all have different views.  I personally don't have much patience for baking cakes made with beautiful decors ....icings and all.  But I love yoga and it's part of me.  Just like someone who loves cooking, baking.....looking after children....You either love it or not, ......cause if you don't like something, it usually taste yucky at the final touch. 

But if you build a love affair with yoga for a lifetime, somehow the results are rewarding and fruitful.  Just like a relationship can either wither or grow, to build the latter, you feed it with continual practice of love, patience, respect and dedication.......even if it's every so often.  

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