Monday, October 19, 2009

Freedom in Inversions & Backbends

Getting into inversions is scary for first timers.  I remembered being in awe of people who were able to do headstands and how they were able to hold the pose with ease and steadiness.  It was super scary to lift the legs off the floor the first time round in Sirsasana but in time, with practice and 300 falls, I was able to master the headstand a little better.  It was more of a triumph to practice without the wall.  But it's like you feel you can do more poses like Feathered Peacock or Scorpion.  And getting into these poses for the first time is again like getting into Sirsasana for the first time. Scary!!  It took countless falls and bruised nails to finally ease into the pose without feeling a somersault was on its way there.

But just like any poses, everything takes plenty of practice unless you were born with super elasticity in your body. I admire those who work there way through the asanas.  That shows a lot of determination and self-will.


Yesterday, a student went into headstand, and from Sirsasana, she went into half splits in headstand, followed by dropping her feet to the back of the mat into Urdhva Danurasana, while she remained on her forearms.  The transition was smooth and the back bend was amazing.  I thought to myself, it's been a while too since I haven't practice the headstand-wheel.  So, this morning, after a little jog, I decided to practice a little inversion.  Somehow attempting the transition from Sirsasasana, you can't help but be excited but scared at the same time.  But I kept calm, breathed and went into my headstand half split.....then without gripping into my pose, I released my footing to the back of my mat....YES! It felt exhilarating! The drop was little heavy but I figured in time, I probably land a little softly next time round.

I think in time, without feeling too fixed into the pose, if we release our innermost fear about falling, and with a lot of practice, we can bring more ease into our balancing poses.

" A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Confucious

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