Saturday, October 24, 2009

Always Amah To Me (1918-2007)

Yesterday was my grandma's second anniversary in remembrance since her passing on October 24th 2007.  She was always a special nan to me and still is, purely because she had this amazing love for all her grandchildren and we were all treated equally in her eyes.  I love the hugs she gave me (when I was little) whenever I went over to see her, she would just cuddle me up and give me kisses on my cheeks.  Something about her is so 'Shri' in my life.  She's all the goodness and love that never ceases even when she's not around with us.  Her essence of  love is still here like the soft wind that blows softly on your skin, just like embraces from a loved one.

I called her 'Amah' and believe it or not, I think, because Grandma was always happy and she had this abundance of love and energy in her, her home cooked food were amazing! I loved her stir fried chicken in sweet plum soya sauce and the lovely 'Ang Gu Kueh' or nickname 'Tortoise Soft Dumpling' Cake.  There was always so much food on the table whenever we visited Amah at her house.

But really, Grandma gave me the best present ever.  My dad.  And to think I have the best of both worlds, my mum's side of  Anglican Christianity and on my dad's side, of Buddhist taoist faith.  Even then, I embrace both religions even though I was brought up as a Christian.  Purely because looking at my dad's side of the family, they are just so kind, soft spoken and light hearted.  They hardly speak ill of anyone and believe that all faiths are good.  Anyhow, what's even better is I get to celebrate the Buddhist culture as well as the Christian traditions all year round.

So, last night at my Aunt Sa Chim's house, we gathered together as a family again to pay our respect and in remembrance of Amah.  It wasn't a sad occasion, we all know Grandma had a wonderful peaceful life when she was alive, instead it was more of joyous occasion that we could all still love each other as cousins, uncles and aunties. And with Aunt Sa Chim's cooking, it just reminded us very much of Amah being with us in spirit.

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