Monday, June 22, 2009

Yoga Mats

Students have been asking me what type of mat they should get or buy, my answer varies. It depends if you need a mat temporarily to try a few yoga classes and would like one of your own for hygiene purposes. If it's a short term use, then there are lots of yoga mats sold in big supermarkets here in Brunei. There are higher quality mats like Adidas and Nike brands. They're priced at $ 70 BND or higher. I prefer the Adidas brand since they're a little thicker and much stickier. The Nike yoga mats are pretty thin and a little more slippery.

If you're looking to invest in a premium yoga mat, then you'll have to look for it overseas or order them online. At the yoga conference, I had a good look around, and the only one I thought were pretty good and long lasting were 'easyoga' brand. They have all sorts of mat to choose from.

Students practicing ashtanga yoga would benefit easyoga 'mandara' yoga mats. They're similar to premium yoga mats, heavy duty and non-slip. The only disadvantage is if you're traveling, it might prove too heavy to carry around. But if you are an environmental friendly conscious person and practice yoga asanas a lot, you might want to invest into the easyoga natural rubber yoga mat.

For the 'Hello Kitty' yoga fans, easyoga sells this too!! It's very pink and Hello Kitty's pictures are on the mat too.....hmmmmm, wonder if they every going to create Transformers for the guys. Or maybe He- Man .....or Captain Caveman ....or the Flintstones....

Ahem...back to seriousness....(:P) and if you're the nomad type, travelling from east to west, north to south and over the pacific to the atlantic, try the easyoga Eztravel. I have seen it. It's like a beach towel, but rubbery, light, non-slip.

I was given this email address by a easyoga representative at the yoga conference, I hope it helps you with oversea ordering....Let me know if it works! Here it is:-

Sales : Priscilla Hsieh
Email :
Address: Shanghai Office Unit 9, No 159, Tian Zhou Rd, Shanghai, China or for Taiwan office is No 30, Shiou-Jiang St., San Chong City, Taipei, 241-49, Taiwan.

Tel No: +862154453308 (China) or +886-2-2970-5930 (Taiwan)


I was also told easyoga has a branch in Singapore. Not sure if they have one in KL. Good luck guys!!!

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Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

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