Friday, June 5, 2009

Beam me up, Scotty!!!

Feels like a billion years since I have written in this blog. I have been trying to gather thoughts into words, but got a little stuck with ideas. Pete and I have been house hunting and between those times, completely worn out travelling (whilst teaching) from one place to the other. I reckon the trip I make in one week would have allowed me to travel from Brunei to India. I'm lucky to have the four wheel drive to accomodate all my belongings in the car. I am your 'yoga nomad'.

I love teaching, but exhilarated to be a student again. The yoga conference in Hong Kong will allow me to just 'let go' and listen to learn......ahhhhhhhhhhhh, nice.

The only thing I'm not enthuastic about is 'flying'. Feeling nauseous thinking about it. You see, 'heights' is a no go area for me. A fear I have yet to overcome. I wish they provide parachutes for everyone on a survival kit. I still have to study the info guide on passengers' safety jacket...just in case they have made changes maybe they included a 'gps' in every suit. I think they should also include lunchboxes in their survival kit. If I had it my way, I would also make sure there's inflatable boat for every two passengers. Why can't we do the 'Beam me up, Scotty!' way???? !!!!!

I do like the new Star Trek movie. Am not a fan of S.T but I must admit the film was pretty cool!

Somebody might just have to knock me out when we take off!!!!

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