Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bon Voyage Jules and Happy Birthday Kaye !!!

Jules gift (the pics in the gorgeous frame) with Kaye's birthday/bon voyage cake to Jules.

Candy's work of art......Love the cake Candy, Thanks a million for it!!

Stuart with his lovely hair trying to meditate with the cake in mind

Hugs and wishes

Kaye: Sorry Jules, Stuart's still in a meditative trance, seeking higher assistance in,"Should we cut this cake or not?"

Stuart: Aaauuummmmm, ccccuuuuttttt the kk kk ....cake!!!!

It was Kate's birthday today and Jules last yoga lesson with us. I was sad to see her leave but am glad to have her as my yoga student for the past 8 months.

We started the morning off with a gentle yoga flow and then headed off to the kitchen for teas and coffees with the birthday/bon voyage cake Candy made us. The cake was gorgeous! Everyone was impressed with the design and believe me, it taste real good. Kaye didn't want to cut the cake, we all wanted to slice off the top bit to frame it !

I was very touched by Jules gift, she and Stuart made a collage of different pictures taken in Tasek Lama and placed it in a nice frame. I couldn't have ask for a better gift, and I can only wish Jules and Stuart the best in everything they do.

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