Monday, March 30, 2009

Yoga Outdoors

Took the students out for today's class. Weather was good and it was nice listening to the stream of water flowing down the rocks and breathing in fresh air. I think it's nice practising yoga asanas in nature, especially when you are surrounded by green trees, blue skies and natural light. Very much different from practising in a studio environment.

Just imagine, getting into trikonasana from warrior II, as you square your chest to the side and turn your head to look up at blue skies and white clouds. It just takes your breath away.
Sue had her son with us, so Andrew decided to join us and I was amazed at how good he was with the sun salutations. He's only 6 years old but brimmed with enthuasiasm and focused during the whole session.
Looking forward to our next outdoor yoga tomorrow.....


Darling Nicki said...

I am about in tears with jealousy, I woke up to 3 inches of snow this morning :(. Beautiful pictures! The mother and son are beautiful.

Jac said...

Thanks Nicki....3 inches of snow...brrrrrr!!! Hope your weather gets warmer for you..