Monday, February 16, 2009

where are all these bugs coming from?

hmmm, don't know where to start. the last time i remember blogging was a little while after the power cut we had. since then I have spent my time recovering from a long spell of colds and flus. i might have cough some of my brain out on tissue so do forgive me if i have mispelled and made 'nonsensical' words or sentences. since the strings of sickness took over, i have probably taken more than the human race's share of medicine. altogether it was a concoction of 'pee paa kau' syrup, robitussin (decongestant), lotsa vit c in high doses i.e 1000 mg each(these freaking pills are so hard to swallow especially when you have a sore throat), echinacea with garlic (it's foul considering it leaves the garlic breath for the whole day.....nasty!), lotsa strepsils (i know it doesn't help with the sorethroat but for comfort, i took it), ibuprofen alternating with solpadeine and ahhhhhh, good ol' paracetamol.........and when i couldn't shake it off and the fevers kicked in after three weeks of the whole 'shebang' , i waved a white flag and took clarithromycin (just found out amoxycillin hates me and gave me the 'run'). feel a whole lotta betta now.

really sorry guys for delaying the classes. believe me, if there was any more tablets or cures that would have remedy me faster than the above category, i say,"GIVE IT GIVE IT GIVE IT ......TO ME!!!!!"

no, for the yogis out there, the neti pot didn't, not when you have a complete 'road block' in your nose....and no, i need not meditate as my drugs were doing the job for me quite nicely already............sorry guys, i am only human..........i might think of taking up ayuvedic medicine just to see what else there is out there for the taking with the bugs.

but good news is i am feeling betta and am looking forward to this year..................not the bugs

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