Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spirits lifted and soaring in blue skies

It feels nice to teach again. I didn't realise how much I missed it till I started teaching again a few days ago. It may be a different studio, the surroundings are different but I am counting my blessings and glad there's 'somewhere' to practice. 'Moving on' is the best feeling ever. And to feel 'free' from the past.

I was apprehensive and nervous about teaching again, having had one month's break. But it all came back to me slowly. I know I can't offer all the classes I used to but it's made me realise the time I have for my family is important and cannot be bought if lost.

I remembered a friend once said she was afraid of losing identity if she didn't have a place of her own to teach. I felt the same way too. But I have realised the place doesn't 'make' you. It's what you have in your heart and 'make most of' that matters most.

Like The Beatles song.........Obladi, Oblada, Life goes on.......lalalala life goes on

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