Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Little People

The last few weeks has been nerve wrecking and frustrating. (It's a good thing I do yoga....) Here's the truth. I have received letter of notification from the old and new landlord that I will be evicted out by the end of January. Having spent less than half a year at the studio, the old landlord has failed to warn me he sold the block to another landlord in June 08, just about the same time when I signed my contract with him. Out of greed, I would safely assume, he let me rent the place thinking I would have it for two years.

I have tried my best to negotiate with the new landlords to let me stay, but they have chosen to keep the place for their own business enterprise. Despite my efforts to meet them in Kuala Belait yesterday afternoon, I was turned down flat at first meet. There was no sign of compassion or leniency.

The contract I have signed along with 5 other businesses have the same tenancy agreement which are all very lopsided. It protects the landlords rather than the tenants. I have no legal rights to fight my case.

I have been feeling numb and helpless for the last weeks. Everyone keeps saying it'll be fine. But it's the feeling of 'taking advantage of' , the feeling of 'out of control' , the feeling of ' unable to release a whole lot of anger' , the feeling of ' loss'. How can small businesses thrive if this is what it comes to at the end of the day?

I am only a human being at the end of the day despite my qualities I have as a yoga teacher. I feel.

My family, my husband, my friends and my students have been my consolation and pillar of strength. They have encourage me to keep going, 'chin up' , to live for passion and 'to release' what's been done. I thank you for that. I thank for the blessings that I have even though the materials are not there for the keeping.

Just a word out to people who have 'high seats' in life, it's to your advantage to do what's right rather than be power hungry for greed. Maybe it's not in your best interest to be humane since 'life' is treating you so well, but trust me when I say what goes around will come around to you sooner or later.

Yes, as a yoga teacher, in my present situation, I am allowing 'me' to say what I think my brain is in dire need of expressing out. If there is a 'mudra' to expel horrible landlords to the 'land of no return' , then I would be the first one to use it.

But you know what, I am okay now. Life is full of crap sometimes, but I choose to look at it in a positive light, I still have a roof over my head at night, food to eat, family and friends that loves me no matter how 'coo coo' I am and a husband who just gives me a whole lot of love.

So, BOO & BLAH to negativity and greediness and a big HOORAH & CHEERS to POWER and LOVE and RESPECT to all in sight of it.

From Just 'Little' Jac


an9ie said...

Wow, that's pretty sucky. I hope you find a way to continue teaching, you definitely seem to have a knack for it.

Sending you lots of positive thoughts!


Jac said...

Thanks a bunch Cuz. Yeah, it really sucks. But with you guys giving me such positive support and love, I feel strong and very lucky to have you guys there for me. Hugs to you too....