Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hand me a cuppa!

Yesterday was a busy day. I was doing some overdue errands for the studio while trying to audit the studio's log book. Feeling a bit weary for the last few days after the yoga buzz, I had a surprise visit from S. Pablo. It was nice to have finally met him in person and was glad he was able to join us for yoga in the evening. He has such a heartwarming character with lots of enthusiasm for life. It was nice to have his moral support during all this yoga commotion. So, hopefully we will see him soon again.

The night ended with an ashtanga yoga session. The student turnout was great. We did lots of arm strengthening, balancing and inversions. Even though the sitting series of ashtanga was a challenge, the students determination and will power to flow through the series were amazing.

Anyhow, I left the studio late last night at 10pm. I arrived home in Kapok and ate some noodles and headed off the bed only to have my alarm clock ringing off at 4.30am sharp. My eyes were still half shut as I walked blindly towards the bathroom. Trying to force my eyes open with both hands was really a sight to see....or not. I grabbed hold of something that felt like a towel and dragged my tired feet to the washroom. My eyes stubbornly refused to open. It was like peeping through a keyhole to see the rest of the world. I don't even remember what shampoo I grabbed to use. Maybe it wasn't a shampoo. ...oh well, messy hair is in fashion nowadays....Even after spending 10 minutes in the shower, I still had my eyes half closed.

I dressed up what I thought was a right combination of sportswear and took off in my monster vehicle to the studio. The radio was full blast just to keep me awake. The morning DJ played all 80's songs which kind of help me think back to my early days. Aiyah, feel so old lar.

I arrived at the studio 5.30am and was ready to have a kip before the first class start, but it didn't happen. Too busy cleaning the studio.

Three classes, one after the other, was enough to be 'yogeeeek' out. 2 cuppa coffee and I am still dozing off while writing this.


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Senor Pablo said...

Hi.. I had a great session last night and I'm glad I pulled my courage to join the class. hahaa. I slept well and feel really good today. It was lovely to meet u and Raquel. Will come and visit u again soon. U take care and enjoy that cuppa!!