Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Morning Izan!!!

I was super nervous before Izan put me live on Pilihan radio FM. It was pretty cold in the studio but I felt so warm with the blood rushing to my heart and head, I didn't even think the frost setting on my ears (Nah, just kidding). Izan was so accommodating and made me felt at ease. I felt butterflies in the tummy and felt I was going to choked half way through the session. But Izan's warmth and bubbly character made me forgot half of it and I remembered Peter's advice to treat the whole event as if I was talking to a friend in a coffee shop.

Well, Elaine (my cousin) was there. Thank goodness for that. She's been such a tremendous support for me. Anyhow, I am glad Izan helped me explained and clarify that yoga was a good exercise for both men and women of different ages, and it doesn't effect anyone's religion despite the rumours and myth about it. We also talked a lot about the yoga phenomena that's taking place in Brunei and other places in the world. Yes, Madonna and Gerri Halliwell did make a debut with it, but had amazing overall results from the practice.

We gave away 10 free yoga vouchers to the listeners and the response was amazing. AND Elaine and I thought it would be nice to give Izan one month of free yoga lessons. She looked pleased and surprised. So, hopefully she'll come over and try us out. There were lots of callers wanting the other 10 free aerobic vouchers, but sadly we had to end it at 9am.

All I can say is THANK YOU IZAN for such a great time at Pilihan FM and thank you all for tuning in.........

With big hugs to all of you


neo boon cheng said...

Good effort, Jac!

Hope that we teachers here also have such opportunities to share through the medium of mass reach.

Keep going!

the lazy turtle said...

Heard you on the radio! You did a great job! :)

Jac said...

Thanks Guys. I was so nervous and thought I would choked half way through. Izan was really lovely. She's full of energy and so welcoming.