Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to Seraphina

I started teaching today again. It was nice to see the students and as well as practice. My voice sounded a bit rough in the second class but it got better in the later part. I couldn't really do any movements with the students, tried to reserve the energy for the voicebox. Peter came over after the class and we went out for dinner at Grips. I like the drinks they have on the menu. I needed something a bit icy to cool my throat down. We then went over to the the dvd shops and Peter got me Mamma Mia cd. Pretty cool. I played it on the way home. Lucky for Pete, we drove home in separate cars! All the songs in it are good. Still not sure about Pierce Brosnan's voice. Too stern over the tunes.

On the way home, got to see fireworks display in various areas. It feels very festive, wish it could be like that every night.

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