Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yuuuummmmy Mooncakes by Sweet Candy

Okay, even as a yoga teacher, I admit. I have my sinful indulgence and last night, wahhh, I really did indulge. My friend Candy baked some mooncakes and she gave me some, as soon as I took a bite of it, I just couldn't stop eating the next one. She bakes it herself and jees, she's definitely the next Martha Stewart. The pastry was nice and soft, the fillings was at it's fullest taste, and it was absolooodley deeelicious. Ya, I told her she should open a bakery shop. I usually share sweets with dear hubby. Lucky me, he wasn't into mooncakes, so weh hey! Moi' finished it. Ya, okay, feeling the guilt. But regrets? Nahhh. It was worth it!!!! :0)


Anonymous said... have deprive yourself of sweet stuff for too long hahahaha

My Hero Elmo Fudge said...

Maybe Candy's homebake cakes are my weakness........ :0)