Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sleeping Jac

I have never been a good sleeper ever since my mum "threw me out of the cot". When I was nine, I would find myself under the bed early morning when I wake up. Since then, I never tried double bunk beds. I know I talk and laugh in my sleep. It scared the crap out of my sister when she first heard it. She thought I was possessed. Nope, not possessed, just 'actively' sleeping. 

I think my worst sleep was when I pushed Pete out of bed one night, he fell out of bed and landed with such a loud 'thud' to the floor, it woke me up. I didn't remember what I did and when I woke up, I asked him why he was on the floor.  He got up,"Don't talk to me. I'm sleeping in the guest room tonight." He took his pillow and before he walked out the door," I still love you but it's a sleep war next to you in bed."

There after, I was much better for awhile after that incident, until last night.  It started again.  Yesterday, I taught 4 classes. I went home, felt exhausted and went to bed at 11pm.  The next thing I knew, I was woken up by my own sleep talk again. 

It was 3am, the lamp was switched on and Pete was at the study desk tapping away at his computer.  "What are you doing sweetie?" I asked.  " Don't talk to me.  I'm sending you off to a sleep therapist if there is such a thing."Huh? I thought.  I went back to sleep, too tired to understand what he meant by that remark.

Next day, he came over to the studio, we had lunch.  "Jac, we need to put a fat extra pillow between us when we sleep." I looked at him puzzled.  "Last night, you were teaching yoga in your sleep and the worst thing was you swung your arm over to do Warrior 2 and you slapped me right across the face."

I laughed at first, but when I looked over at Pete, he was not impressed.

"Alright! We put one pillow between us at night.  Aiyah! No need to be so 'like that'" 

"Jac, I think we should send you to NASA to find out what's going on in that head of yours when you sleep."

"OH, ho ho you funny white man! You say that to me one more time.....See where you will sleep tonight eh? !! "

Well, watch this space for Jac's improvement of sleep!

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