Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Palm

It's always nice to have breakfast prepared for you. Somehow, making your own toast doesn't feel the same as having it prepared for you. Maybe, it's the thought of being pampered. Well, made a little trip to the Palm Restaurant in Kiulap early morning with my cuz Elaine. It was my first time there and Elaine knew the chef Theresa. The ambience was cosy and Theresa was there. I ordered srambled eggs and multigrain bread. The bread was handmade by Theresa and it was so yummy. I am quite choosey when it comes to bread. Don't really like it much when it taste too dry or if it taste too sweet. The bread at Palm was moist and tasted scrumptious with butter and jam. I love my bread and butter. I slabbed a good cover of the butter on my breakfast, nice enough to take a slow enjoyable bite into it.

The menu has a list of good choices, from steaks, pastas, vegetarian menus, etc. Good value for money too.

If you are wondering where the Palm is, head towards Kiulap Mall and it's just on the Ground Floor, same building as Fitness Zone.

I think I'll get Pete to take us out there tonight. He likes his steak. Need to try something different from Charcoal.

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