Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did You Know This?

Reading through Women's Health Magazine, did you know that women who accept their bodies generally eat more healthfully than women who don't? In a study of 597 women (A research presented at a meeting of the American Psychological Association), those who agreed with statements like " Despite its flaws, I accept my body for what it is" were 42.5 percent more likely to follow intuitive eating principles (eating when hungry, stopping when full) and had lower BMI's than women who were dissatisfied with their bodies. Making peace with your belly may take time, but you can learn to eat intuitively now. To start, eat only when you're moderately hungry, not ravenous.

And, and, and, and, and........here are more facts and figures for some professionals on the number of steps they take in a day at work (a study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise). They are...mail carriers 18,904....(not sure if that applies to Bruneian's postmen. I'm sure I saw our postman riding on his bike just the other day), Restaurant Servers with 10,087 steps ( erm, okay, I am also not sure if this applies to Brunei's restaurants. Maybe CheezBox.)
Nurses with 8,648 (well, I could agree on that figure if I was back in the UK in crazy St Mary's Hospital in London. However, in Brunei, I think maybe not unless you work in Emergency or really fast paced Intensive Cardiac Unit.) Lawyers with 5062 steps (Ummmmh, why did I even start with this write up in the first place? We all have pretty good cars to take us everywhere. Most times, we are always in the office right?) and teachers with 4726 steps. Okay, maybe that one I can agreee with. Just about.

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