Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You chose your dreams

You chose your dreams
for the journeys they'd inspire, and you knew
when you chose them that there'd be obstacles,
dark days, and knuckleheads who'd stand in
your way. They're part and parcel of where
you're headed, and they don't just go away

So when you face your next challenge, welcome it.
Rise up, don't back down. See it as a stepping-stone,
not a wall; a valley, not an abyss. And before you know it,
as one is conquered after another, the journey will be complete,
and the joy of manifesting your dream will pale in comparison
to the satisfaction of your persevering, overcoming and breaking through

Don't you see these are the days, right now,
mid adventure, that will mean the most to you
once your dreams come true?


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