Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Warriors and Princesses

(Stardust 2008)

Warriors and Princesses,
Heroes and Villains,
Fairies and Trolls
They’re stories of us all
Precious in a moment
To courage and bravery in the next
From moments of magic spells
To ugly tales of gore, misery
And broken bridges

Wizards and Witches
Saints and Unsung Heroes
Kings and Jesters
They’re stories of us all
Wishing and Wanting
Saving and Sacrificing
Battling and Conquering
Till tis’ very day

Unsung heroes
Like you and me
Journeyed thru’ all our lives
As Kings and Queens
Of our own fairytales
To venture into life’s mystery
Fated by our own destiny

Live ! as you would in
Dreams of legends and tales
Of yesterday and not so long ago

Live ! Our sacred journey awaits
Not so far away
So, come live and fight
Love, cry and laugh
Give me your story
And we can both tell
Our true adventure
Our dream
Our world

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