Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rain Flies

Getting up at 4.45am everyday is so hard. (Getting ready for yoga session at 6.30am) I have to set my alarm clock to four different times, five minutes interval, just in case I missed out on the first one with my 'volcano' snoring. Ya, Pete has to turn me on my side countless times. Haven't worked so far, he has resolute to place his pillow over his head. Worse comes to worse, out he goes to the guest room!

I can hardly open my eyes while I'm brushing my teeth. The worse thing is having to find what to wear in the dark. I have the small lamp switched on but doesn't help cause I still feel un-color co-ordinated. Wait! No, the worse thing is the house has a burglar alarm when you head downstairs. If you trigger it off, the alarm goes off and you have literally woken up half of Brunei. The only way you can go pass the super dupper alarm is doing a James Bond move. Ya, seriously. How? Slap yourself against the wall and quickly walk sideways towards the alarm in less than 10 seconds. I have me training myself for the upcoming film Spiderman 4.

So, off I go, in my car to the studio. You think everything else will run in smoothly after. Kinda. If it had rain the night before, guess what, the so called 'Chui Bang'( Rain Flies?) from the road lamps will hit your screen, leaving big white blotches of their leftovers on your windscreen. 'Splat here, splat there'
I feel sorry for those insects. I think, why they probably have a small 'wanted' picture of me in their insect world, stating to look out for a crazy woman driver from Kapok.

By the time I get to the studio, ya, you guess it, my car looks more like 20 pigeons have pooed all over it.

Sigh, the joy of waking up 'that' early........................................So, if you see my car covered in white, you'll know it's not the new polka white trend you think I maybe setting.

Poor Rain Flies................

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