Saturday, August 30, 2008

My weekly om is this. Go With The Flow

Daily Om on the 29th August, 2008 was to synchronise with life. To see the bigger picture and to understand that our lives are filled with both positive and negative events. Once we can recognize that one event is neither more desirable nor better than the other – they all have an overall purpose in our lives, then we are truly ready to listen to the messages the universe gives us.

I think of the times when things just when completely out of control and seemed unending with tragedies and disasters. It may seemed I didn't deserve the situation
at that time. But when I look at the whole entire scenario again, I imagined what it be like if it didn't happened and where I'd be after.

For instance, I took a resignation to my nursing career at the beginning of this year. I was under a lot of immense pressure to work overtime 12 hours a day. Management at that time was laying a lot of medical responsiblities on nurses. To top it off, I was laughed at by people for wanting to change my career. They didn't understand why I would place my nursing career aside to become a yoga teacher. I probably asked myself that a million times. 3 years of university, 9 years of nursing experiences was a lot to release and let go.

I thought it through sleepless nights. I knew I wanted to do more than being in a 'hospital' environment. I felt I wanted to travel and share more of myself to 'something'. I wasn't prepared to work in an environment where nurses were suppress in thoughts, words and actions (My previous workplace was just about that). I wanted much more than nodding heads, ' Yes, mam' ' and 'Yes, Sir', . I wanted to say ' Yes, world'. So, I took a deep breath and handed in my resignation letter.

Starting out as a yoga teacher wasn't easy. Raised eyebrows and mockeries came along with the new found career. I carried on, following my own dreams. Hoping for the best.

Now, with a studio I can see my past career as a nurse has not been discarded aside as a yoga teacher. I feel I have more insight to students past medical history and their physical limits.

The bigger picture was it didn't started off easy to become a yoga teacher. But the previous workplace with low staff morale played a part in my decision making. If it wasn't there I wouldn't have thought too much to change my career. The initiation to take courage in becoming a yoga teacher has only made me stronger in person.

So, yes, even events that might not at first seem to be related to each other are indicators that the universe is working with, not against, us. This idea of synchronicity, then, means that we have to trust there is more to our lives than what we experience on a physical level.

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